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Hong Kong Company (China SAR zone)

1. Hong Kong Company Registration
2. Hong Kong Company Deregistration
3. HK company Deregistration, Striking Off and Winding Up
4. Taxation for Overseas Company in Hong Kong
5. Registration of Non-Hong Kong companies by Foreign Company.

Offshore Company in the worldwide

6. Seychelles offshore Company advantage
7. Cayman Exempted Company advantage
8. Anguilla offshore Company advantage
9. Cook Islands offshore Company advantage
10. BVI offshore Company advantage
11. UK Exempted Company advantage
12. The economical type offshore Company
13. The easier to open offshore bank account
14. The most confidentiality type
15. Taxation question for offshore Company
16. Belize offshore Company advantage
17. St.Vincent offshore Company advantage

China Company Foreign Invested (WFOE)

22. Registration of Representative Office in China
23. TYPE of Foreign Invested Enterprises type WOFE, RO and JVs
24. Shanghai and Shenzhen Tax Administration
25. China company registered address (small office & virtual office)
26. Business Scope: China ship broking company-Shanghai
27. Business Scope: Wine, Alcohol, wholesale & retail
28. Business Scope: Restaurant, Dining room
29. Business Scope: Imports and Exports Trading
30. Business Scope: Consulting service
31. Business Scope: Exhibition & Conference service
32. Business Scope: Product Design service
33. Business Scope: Logistics express service
34. Business Scope: Software Design development
35. Business Scope: Articles Culture, Drawing & Painting
36. Business Scope: Biological and pharmaceutical
37. Business Scope: Green & environmental Printing
38. China Industrial Zone Introduce
39. Working visa and resident permit by the company
40. Registered capital in China (minimum, how much) 
41. Employee requirements
42. China company tax (business tax rate)
43. Bank account for the China company
44. How to start for open/incorporate a China company
45. China company - Bank account open
46. China nominal shareholder service for foreign people
47. Shanghai virtual office virtual address service for company
48. China company - name registration 
49. China company - registered capital /share capital
50. China company - shareholders inventors
51. China company - taxation and Invoice/ Fapiao
52. China company - open bank account
53. China company - annual maintaining
54. China company - employee & resident permit
55. China company - social security

Trade Mark Registration

56. (Hong Kong SAR) Trademark Registration.
57. (China mainland PRC) Trademark Registration.


Offshore bank account opening

61. Name lists of offshore banks in the worldwide.
62. Offshore account open in Hong Kong.
63. Bank requirements for open account.
64. How can I open account by the easier way?
65. I don't want to go to bank counter, what can I do?
66. Each offshore banks advantage compare  

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